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About iMedtours

We are a leading provider of health and medical tourism services. India has been making rapid strides over the last several years, with a healthcare system matching global standards, internationally accredited hospitals, acclaimed specialists, cutting edge technology.

There is a major added benefit to travelling to India for health services; one can explore yoga, meditation retreats, etc. One may also decide to tour India and visit hospitals in advance of making a decision on health procedures later in life also.

Our Specialities

Medical Tourism LLC is a leading provider of medical tourism focusing the Southern India as the destination for United States residents. We offer medical and rejuvenation services on traditional Indian Ayurvedic medical treatments and modern medical treatments through our partner facilities. Many of our partners are certified by NABH quality Accreditation meeting the stricter standards on facility and treatment process.

Medical tourists who go through us get excellent treatment through our partner’s facilities with fraction of how much it costs in United States. Our relationship with various tourism operators in South India will make your life easier in going around prominent destinations and enjoy your tour while getting the medical treatment.

We also provide assistance and guidance for your trip planning. Medical Tourism LLC is unique in providing one on one help from United States with professionals who know the needs of the US medical tourists and the Medical facilities, tourism destinations in India.

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