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KG Hospital – Allopathic Medical Facility – Coimbatore


The southern state of Tamil Nadu is the third largest health tourism destination in India. Today, medical tourism in the country is synonymous with Chennai, Coimbatore, Vellore and Madurai in the state. Our partner is KG Hospital, a multi-specialty high-tech medical center located in the city of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. The 350-bed center is a totally self-contained healthcare facility with sophisticated diagnostic facilities and modern operating theatres. It is the third facility in India to have successfully conducted a cadaver kidney transplant. Equipped with more than 250 doctors, 800 nurses and paramedical staff, the center offers a range of medical services in several areas including general surgery, neuro surgery, orthopaedics, neurology, radio diagnosis, nephrology, cardiology, thoracic and cosmetic surgeries. The hospital has received quality accreditation from the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare, Quality Council of India, New Delhi.
Rest and Rejuvenation

Get in touch with us. Since treatment in India would only cost a fraction of what it would cost back home, it would leave you with extra funds to spend on retreats and sight-seeing. Coimbatore, where KG Hospital is located, is surrounded by the picturesque Western Ghats, with the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve to its north. Due to the city’s proximity to thickly forested mountain ranges, the weather is pleasant. The entire state, which boasts of a history dating back to several thousand years, is a treasure trove of temples, mosques and churches and other architectural wonders. At a stone’s throw from Coimbatore is – Kerala, also known as ‘God’s Own Country’. With the Arabian Sea to the west, the towering Western Ghats(mountains) to the east and a network of 44 rivers criss-crossing the state, Kerala is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Asia. The long shoreline with serene beaches, emerald backwaters, lush hill stations, cascading waterfalls and exotic wildlife are a feast to the eyes. For rejuvenating the mind and the body, there are any number of Ayurvedic therapy resorts and yoga and meditation centers.

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AVN AROGYA AYURVEDIC HOSPITAL – Ayurveda Treatments – Madurai


Adopting a holistic ayurvedic treatment philosophy, AVN Arogya Ayurvedic Hospital offers an integrated approach by offering the best of Ayurvedic treatment combined with Yoga, Naturopathy, Diet and Fitness, and Rehabilitation services. The support of Modern medicine is also harnessed in the mangement of diseases for which Ayurveda alone is found to be inadequate to provide the best solution. The unique integrated approach helps us to treat several problems which do not respond adequately to only one system of medicine. Modern diagnostic methods are utilised side-by-side with the Ayurvedic treatment methods, for diagnosis of diseases and for tracking of the effectiveness of the ayurvedic treatment through measurement of objective parameters when necessary and possible. The senior ayurvedic physicians who directly treat the patients have a vast experience of about 25 years each and are part of a rich tradition of three generations and over 80 years of Ayurvedic practice. The hospital also boasts of a well knit paramedical team who are thoroughly trained to offer effective ayurvedic treatment with a high degree of care and compassion towards the ailing.

AHALIA AYURVEDA HOSPITAL – Ayurveda Treatments -Kerala


Ahalia campus is a precious destination for medial tourism with 9 rain water harvesting systems acting as artificial lakes amidst natural greenery. Ahalia Ayurveda Medical College Hospital was founded in the honorable memory of Late Vazhoor Sreenivasan Vaidya. During its 8 years of inception, Ahalia Ayurveda Hospital has flourished into a 100 bedded multi specialty hospital and has been instrumental in taking Ayurveda to the common man with better reach and results.

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